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AeroChill Cooling Vest from TechNiche

Introducing our new fitness cooling vest

Aerochill is our brand new cooling vest for fitness.

The vest uses our incredible HyperKewl™ evaporative cooling fabric technology to keep you cool during exercise. We’ve worked closely with some of Europe’s leading sportswear designers to come up with a design that not only keeps you cool, but it looks great too.

The AeroChill cooling vest is more comfortable, lighter and it looks great too. There are men and women’s designs for the AeroChill fitness vest, each with four neon trim so you can pick a colour that suits you.

AeroChill is coming!

Our official reseller online shop will soon be shipping AeroChill cooling vests all over Europe.

The AeroChill cooling vest has been designed with athletes in mind, whether you are running a marathon or simply want to stay cool at the gym.

Keeping cool can not only improve your performance, but it also helps you recover from exercise more quickly.


AeroChill Features

  • New premium sports cooling vest
  • Men & Women’s designs available
  • Available in black with 4 different neon trims
  • Provides 5/10 hours of cooling
  • Lightweight & easy to activate
  • Uses TechNiche Cooling Fabric
  • Unique polymer chemistry
  • Patented system & CE certified
  • Available soon at tuk-shop.com

For further information contact sales@techniche-intl.com.au